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Finally, a tool
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finish specs

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, late night texts, and miscommunication. Dovetail simplifies the spec process so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Interior Finishes specs
Spec Dovetail

Curate your product library

Save time, money, and headache by building a library of favorites (or exclusive) products once that can be reused. Add product images, technical specs, diagrams, etc. to help you spec with ease. Our clipper tool will help you curate your product library even faster.

Spec Dovetail

Spec projects with confidence

With Dovetail, you can expedite the brain damage parts of design. We'll remind you all the details to specify, exactly when you need them. No one-size-fits-all here. Our smart fields were developed and iterated upon by the Dana Lynch Design team and their 800+ home portfolio.

Spec Dovetail

Deliver contractor-friendly specs

Export your projects in PDF format, sorted just the way you need, right when you need it. Sort by specific trades, showing just the details they need, or sort by room or even by vendor. All specs come complete with thumbnail, SKU, pricing, and your specific installation details.

Spec Dovetail
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Let Dovetail be
your safety net

Did you remember to specify what the paint sheen should be?
How about the grout color for the tile? The tile pattern? When you’re designing a home, you love envisioning the design concept, but lose sleep over all the little details. As designers ourselves, we feel your pain – so we developed the remedy. Our smart product and project fields will remind you what to spec and be your safety net.

How it works

Step by step – here’s how to create beautifully documented specs.

Create your account and log in.


Create a project and all the rooms for your project. All rooms come preloaded with the relevant sections and product types.


Use our Clipper tool to build and organize your product library.


Make selections for each room and let our smart fields remind you what to spec for each product type.


Export complete and contractor friendly PDF specs that can be condensed by trade, by vendor, etc.


Level up your specs

Whether you’re a savvy one-man-show or a growing team, we have a plan that’s right for you

Personal Plan


For the savvy designer

($120 annual savings)

Studio Plan


For your growing team

Coming soon 

($500 annual savings)

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